To Hoe My Beds Or Leave Them?

So I have been hearing a couple of arguments at work of late… Apparently its an old one but new to me.

The question is.
“Should you regularly hoe your soil or leave it to harden and only break it up to remove weeds?”

The general idea of this is;

If you DON’T break the ground up it gets hard, compacted and seeds have a much harder time getting any traction.

If you DO hoe then the seeds will be much more likely to germinate but are disturbed before they get going.

Please note that this is for the periodical clean ups rather than the “Autumn Tickle” that you really should do anyway to help break up the top inch of soil over the winter. For me personally I say “Leave it until you need to”… But the majority of the guys at work are “Hoe your beds every week” or some other regular time frame.

So which is best? Is there really any difference?

Yes, people…. This is the kind of scintillating conversations we have at work… Feel for us!


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