A Bit of a Thorny Outlook

Roses… Yes. Let me get this out-of-the-way… I am oppressing them by bending them to my will, or at least I want to, even though they steadfastly refuse to do the things I will them to do by sheer power of positive thinking… I think I need a new method. >.>

White hybrid tea Rose

In my garden I only have 2 Roses. I used to have 5… Now I only have 2. One is a very simple white Hybrid Tea. Nothing special and it does its thing every year. No worries there.

The other is, I believe, an Old Rose. It’s a kind of pinkie colour and has for the past few years been dogged by Black Spot. I started treating last year, and this year before the buds opened, with a specialist fungicide. So far, so good. No obvious breakout other than one small stem with a few spots. If it looks like it may be spreading then it will be cut off. No leaves on the floor and any dead or dying wood is totally removed.

White hybrid tea Rose

I have been trying for a while to train it to go up on the fence. But with a history of Black Spot and losing more than a third of the plant to a breakage the plant just doesn’t seem to want to do as I want.

The plant was in the garden before I moved in, I just took to getting it up on the fence. It’s a bit of a way away from the wall than it should be, which may be an issue? But I don’t think digging it up to move it 12″ closer is a good idea. Roses hate to be moved at the best of times. This would just be silly.

A close up of the leaves on my Rose.

It’s also a little crowded in places. I think I need to open it up a little but I’m not sure. Also… How would I go about it?

An old pic of my Roses in bloom

Last year was one of the best years I have had. I had a few flowers but they were not the show I was hoping for.

What I want is a fence full of blooms. I’m not bothered so much about the area below the fence. I can put in other plants down there. I also really need to get that right stem going up. I think I need to prune back a few of the side shoots so it spends more energy on growing stronger limbs.

*Sigh* I need to do more research on this one.

But at least I seem to be on top of the Black Spot problem! B-)


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