Last Chance Hotel

So… One of my plants is now at the ‘Last chance Hotel’ stage. It’s a self seed fennel I got when I worked in a park. I’ve had it in a pot for about 4 years and it does sod all. It’s constantly full of aphids and I’m almost done with it.

The fennel in its pot before planting, as big as it  ever gets. Normally it gets infested with aphids and does nothing.

This year I have taken it out of its pot and planted it directly into the ground. I’m hoping that somehow it doesn’t get infested with aphid (There isn’t any that I could see so far)

The Fennel in the ground. Lets hope it actually does something this year.If it survives and does well this year I will keep it. If it doesn’t, and it stays as it is like it has done since I grabbed it, I will dig it up next year and it can go. I really don’t know why it doesn’t do anything. Maybe it just hates me.

If nothing else I will be consigning the pot it was in to my crock pile.

the death of a pot. This one is on its way to being crock shards.


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