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A haircut for my rescue Spiraea

So now my Spiraea (Spirea?) has come through the difficult winter its started shooting. To be honest it did so poorly last year after rescuing it that I didn’t expect it to do anything more and simply fall over during the winter. However, it did survive and now its in real need of a trim.

Spirea Before its haircut

So much dead wood on such a small plant has come at quite a shock. I don’t know why seeing as I didn’t expect it to survive at all! It also needed the centre of the plant opening up a little. So with my freshly cleaned and sharpened secateurs I went to work.

Spirea after its haircut.

I was very careful when cutting. Only dead wood was trimmed and although no real thought was given to establishing a shape yet I’m hoping that the plant will fill in the gaps a little. Next year, if all goes well, I will look to putting it in the ground. If it survives!

BTW… Is there a consensus on if it should be “Spiraea” or “Spirea”?


3 thoughts on “A haircut for my rescue Spiraea

  1. From what I’ve been told, Spiraea is the genus, so if you wanted to go the nomenclature-ish route you could spell it with the -aea, but as a common name Spirea is also accepted. Just depends on your mood!

    1. Thank you for the info!

      I just wish that we could all get together and agree on just one name to help me not be confused! (Oh, and don’t get me started on local common names! ARGH!) B-)

      1. Oh yeah, the local names can be real fun! They have the nomenclature, but it’s usually harder for people to remember a Latinized name over something they’ve heard before. And of course everyone pronounces the Latin names differently!

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