It’s all lemon-entry, my dear Watson!

So, I’m a little worried about one of my Lemon seedlings. Its got a very thick stem, much thicker than the others and turning woody already. Not good. The leaf itself, it only has one leaf, is drying up and dying.

The stem of one of my lemon plants.  It has a thicker than normal stem wand only one leaf with no new growth. From the base is a new bit of growth

But there is hope. From the bottom is a new bit of growth. But I am still worried as the base of the plant is kinda gnarled and woody. That round piece you see in the pic below isn’t a random bit of medium, it’s actually attached to the base. The growth is coming from it.

A close up of the stem and new growth at the base of my problem lemon plant.

I’m wondering if the plant has an issue and I am best throwing it now rather than it be an issue later. I don’t like giving up on plants until I know for sure it’s beyond saving. Luckily for me I still have another 4 plants doing fairly well.


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