Discounted Chickens

We have all heard the phrase ‘Don’t count your chickens until they hatch’. Well, today I came to realise that you should also not discount unhatched chickens until you are really sure either.
Case in point: Earlier this spring I was looking at my Clematis and noticed that all the top growth was dead… Not dormant… Dead. After some brisk winds it was all breaking off and so I considered it beyond hope and, with a sigh, cut it down to the ground. I was going to pull it up but got caught up with time and decided to do that bit at another time and forgot about it. Good job I did as apparently it’s not dead at all!

This morning I was coming home with the minion after doing some errands and bent down to pick up some litter that had blown in and what do I see? This!

A Clematis sprouting through some membrane. I thought it had died!

Two new stems pushing up through the old opening. Amazing! So now I just need to trim up the old matting ends you can see in the image and start training it to creep up the trestle on the wall behind it.

I’m so glad it survived. This plant was put in about 7 or so years ago and survived two moves around the garden and even survived the 2010 winter that killed off about half the plants in my garden and put the rest on the back step for the rest of that year.

So, yeah. TL;DR… Don’t Discount unhatched Chickens either! B-)


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