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Camellia. You couldn’t make this up.

Sometimes I often wonder if my garden does things just to make take a step back and wonder WTF it was thinking… Seriously.

Case in point, this morning I was clearing up a little, pulling up a few early weeds before they get settled in and whatnot when I noticed this on my Camellia.

Camellia with its first two flowers open wide.... At the back.

Two flowers have open way before any others on the plant. These two buds tucked away at the back, way down at the bottom, have opened. Very nice blooms though they are… Why there? I swear it did it to annoy me. Of all the flowers I have in my garden the Camellia is the biggest and the most…. Floral of them all.

Camellia flowering around the back.

I can only hope that this means that the rest of the plant will have blooms this big and this bright. The idea of placing there is for when you walk out of the back door you get this wonderful display of flowers.

It’s just typical for my garden that the first of them are bursting where nobody can see them. I just hope that at least some insects are getting some joy out of them while they are there.



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