Bees and Lucky Camera Shots.

So today I was doing some work in my garden and noticed that a couple of Bees were buzzing around me as I pottered about. Being excited that I had finally seen a Bee in my garden, so far I had only seen them at work, I went and followed them as they flew. They kept flying near a patch of my back wall so I wandered over and got a better look. I then saw that a couple of Bees have made a nest in a gap in my brickwork.

A Bee that I saw this afternoon him and his mates have made a hive in a gap in my brickwork at home. Here you can see one of the Bees. Sorry, I don’t know what kind of Bee it is. With luck someone can tell me? The gap behind him is the entrance to the nest.

And now we get to the lucky shot. As I was taking a couple of pics, I was advised to not take ONE shot but always take a number of shots to make sure the focus is good in at least one. As I clicked the Bee you see above flew away. Without moving the camera I looked away and took another pic. I thought t would be an awesome pic of the gap or some brickwork… No.. I got this…

A Bee that has made a nest in my wall. I didn't even realise I had taken this pic until much later. Its as if he is looking right at me!

He must have been looking straight at the camera lens. Talk about luck! I don’t know if I am allowed to be proud of that pic or not. Technically I didn’t take it! B-)

A bee house made from a Christmas tree base I found when at work.

The ultimate irony is that I spent a while today making this Bee hotel out of a piece of wood off a Christmas tree we found dumped at work. I hope to encourage some solitary bees, its funny that as I was making this there were Bees making a nest not 10ft from me!


3 thoughts on “Bees and Lucky Camera Shots.

    1. Thanks for the ident.
      Yeah… We are a fair bit north of you, so you should have seen them first.
      Bees have been very thin on the ground for me here… Nothing like as many around as last year. And only one bumblebee seen so far…. Even at work. That really makes me sad and a little worried.

      But now that I am getting some spring flowers in I hope its just that they are going to other places and I will see some more as the warmer weather creeps in.

      1. Over the years I’ve put more and more plants in for the bees in the garden and it does make a difference to the number of solitary bees I see. Just now it is mainly the Anthophora and Osmia (apart from the bumbles) but as you say with the warmer weather bee season will be under way!

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