So I found a packet of seeds from year before last. They were a gift from a friend… Cucamelons!

Cucamelon seeds and pots, ready to go.

They arrived too late in the year to plant them so I intended to get them going first thing last year but I completely forgot about them until far too late. On Friday last week I was tidying up the outhouse and came across them and decided to get them in the greenhouse now, while I had the chance and it was fresh in my mind.

I was warned that they tend to have a bit of a poor germination rate, so the fact that they are already over a year old I decided to do more seeds than I will probably need. I can always trade-off any extras if I get them.

Cucamelon seeds in the pots. Now I just need to cover them with a little soil and let them do their thing

From here they got a light covering with soil, a good wetting and a shipping off in to the greenhouse with the rest of this years Works in Progress.

This one is a new thing for me. Apparently they taste like a cross between a cucumber and a lime. Intriguing! I was told that they taste better than they sound like they might. Ideal for light salads and idle munching while working in the garden. Sounds like my idea of a snack!


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