A Pond in a Pond. Pond-ception

So, today (Saturday 4th) I spent a few hours making some changes to my pond. I wanted to add a smaller, shallow pond for marginal plants and insects that need access to stones.

My pond as it used to be.

My pond as it was.

As it is now.

To the right of the filter (Back left) is now a small, shallow pond. Its mainly for marginal pond plants but also for the birds to drink and other things.

I got a bunch of bricks to pad up the bottom and used an old bit of pond liner I had from when I put the pond in. I got the river stones from a clean-up job we had to do this week. Someone had dumped them in one of our parks. I saw them and thought ‘I have a use for those… MINE!’
Seriously, people. Don’t litter…Unless its good stuff that I can use! B-)

Sempervivum placed in a gap between the rocks on the pond.Sempervivum placed in a gap between the rocks on the pond.

 I also took some time to ‘plant’ a few Sempervivum in a few of the cracks. I used a little soil and some moss. The pond and all around it is usually quite wet all the time. Under the rocks for sure. With luck they will take and throw out runners that will help break up the lines. I also intend to plant a few trailing plants around that will also disguise it too.

I’m very happy about how it turned out. The bigger stones are just Yorkshire stone I had from other projects or were left in the garden from the last tenant. So all in all this project only cost me my time and some bricks. Not bad, really. Now I just need to go out and buy some plants! (This is where things start to get difficult!)


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