An Unknown Rose May Not Smell As Sweet

So, working in my garden today I saw something I genuinely never thought I would find… In fact, I found 3 of them in all! What are they? Baby Roses!

I was doing a little bit of weeding around my hedge, somewhere that nettles like to get established, and I found this…

A possible rose pulled out of the ground. Does not appear to be a sucker.

I’m not sure where it came from. I used to have Roses in this general area, yes. But they were removed last year and they didn’t produce any flowers that year, let alone Hips that I remember. All of the growth is light green, none of it is woody which means that it’s all this years growth.

7 leaves on a Rose.Unknown Rose now in a pot.

Also, the plant is way away from where the Roses used to be and so I can’t see how they could be suckers. Which kind of confuses me a little as the plant has 7 leaves on some stems? I thought that 7 leaves on a Rose meant it is a sucker. Not to worry. The unknown Rose is now in a pot and I will transfer it to a bigger pot… Or maybe the ground, when I know for sure what it is.

Now for the other find.

More Rose saplings.

These 2 are right where one of the old Roses used to be. But again… I don’t know why they are showing now unless they are new seedlings from Hips from a couple of years ago disturbed from when I renovated the area. I didn’t get flowers the year before I moved them… Hence the quandary. Should I pull them out as suckers or keep them as possible new Roses.
Also… What kind of Rose will they be? The plants I had there were some kind of Hybrid Tea, so what plant I will get from these I genuinely do not know. Will they revert to Old Roses or what?

At the moment these two are still in the ground. I don’t think they are established enough to be moved yet. But I will be moving them, either to a new place in my garden or maybe to someone else, but they can’t stay there. When they are big enough to move they will.


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