New Addition to my Garden

So only 4 days in to my return to work and I already got my first plant from work.

Today we were clearing up a plot that had some extra plants. Most were just cutting back but I managed to pull up, rather than cut out, a rather leggy Flowering Red Currant (Ribes sanguineum) that was being chocked out and fighting to get to the light. So I trimmed it down to get rid of the leggy growth, put it to one side and brought it home with me.

Ribes sanguineum (Flowering Red Currant) in its roots waiting to be put in its new pot.

When I got it home I put it in a pot and gave it a good watering. Typically I didn’t have enough compost on hand to fill it totally. Looks like I will have to nip out at some point and pick up another bag!

Ribes sanguineum (Flowering Red Currant) In its new pot. Typically I didn't quite have enough compost on hand to fill out the pot.

I got this plant not for its fruit. In fact its fruit is bloody awful. It may well be that the fruit isn’t actually edible. The one I had was REALLY not palatable and I spat it out. Yeah… Not for the fruit! This plant is a very good early spring source of nectar for bees and also has a pleasant fragrance. Bonus!


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