Starting Back at Work.

Well. That time of year has arrived again and I am now back as a Seasonal Gardener for a council here in Yorkshire. It’s a good job, hard work to be sure, but enjoyable. In the main its simple grass cutting but on the route I’m in we also have a few other things such as parks to take care of.

With the cuts in the budgets that have affected us there is no real money for anything and the job is just that much more difficult due to lower staffing levels and less time to actually DO the job. But I’m not complaining. No I’m not.

The job is still fun and I get to learn lots of things from the VERY experienced guys that I work with. They are all long time gardeners, groundskeepers and general horticulturists. The fact that they are a great bunch of guys is just a bonus!

My toy at work. This is my toy at work. Its a Ferris 52″ deck grass cutter and its awesome! It’s also very dangerous. Yeah… This beast can push walls over… Just don’t ask me how I know that. *blush*

I hope to get a few pics from work of what we do and any interesting plants or anything that catches my eye. In a couple of parks that we deal with we often get wonderful fungi growing. There are a few gardens that we cut have some great plants that I’d love to get cuttings from.

That’s all for now.

Hope you all are having a great time in the outdoors!


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