How things change

Oh how things change in time and how we don’t really notice until much later.

I found some old pics of my garden and I noticed the change over only 3 years was quite a shock to me!

Back in 2012 I planted the hedge to stop people being able to see through from the street into the back garden. It was a royal pain when we were sitting out having a BBQ and you would see people watching. Or the kids would be playing in the back and you would get local kids shouting from the street to them. Basically we had no real privacy.

When I first planted my Leylandii hedge in March 2012.

Originally I simply had the grass go from the main bit through to where the bins are now, by the back door with a small plot for my roses. Just before the hedge went in we learned that there had been a water leak from a pipe underground and that was why the Roses did so well. So when the leak was fixed, the hedge went in and the roses came out.

 shot of the hedge, February 8, 2014

I hadn’t a plan for what I was doing with that grassy area. For a year it was just cut grass. Then I had the idea of digging up the turf, turning it all over and making that area somewhere I can make into a flowerbed. It gets good sunshine for the majority of the day and is visible to the back.

Flower plot taken September 30th 2014

By late spring that year it had been cut out, turned over and been planted with a few plants, some from work, some grown from seed that spring. The blueberry was only there because we were having our roof replaced and it had to be moved from its normal home.
November 9, 2014

Into autumn and winter I moved some Polyanthus that had been allowed to rest over the summer to take some space up. I had hoped to get some Cyclamen and some other Winter/Spring flowers. but it wasn’t to be.

Polyanthus blooming and Bulbs coming up. March 20th

This is how my garden looks now. Tulip and Allium bulbs are coming up, my Polys are blooming and there is still far too much open space. I really need to look to finding ways to fix that next year.


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