Changes in the Erica corner

We moved into this house in 2002. One of my first jobs was to make a small grow fence, now long since gone. My second was to make my Erica corner. It happened because my mum bought me one of those 6 packs of Erica thingies you may have seen.

I cut a corner clear and put down some matting and planted them in. That was about 10 years ago. Each year they got bigger and bigger and did really well. But as of Autumn last year I was bored with them. Not that they have been thrown out… At the mo they are sat in a different part of my garden for now just in case someone else wants them. The plants are fine… I’m just in need of something else.

My Erica corner. Before shot

This is the before shot. As pretty as they were they took up a lot of room and gave very little back. So, with real sadness they have to go.

My Erica corner. After shot

This is the after shot. From here I will be putting in potted plants on the slate. I’m keeping the slate because this way I can move plants in and out at will. At some point I may take out the conifer in the corner but not at the moment. Its home to a lot of spiders and insects so it can stay.

Not all changes are good. But this one is almost a necessary one.


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