New snails in my pond-in-a-pot

I have a pond in a pot. Its nothing special.

But this morning I was looking at it to see if it needs a clean out and I noticed a new kind of snail.
Normally I just have a small black snail and now I have a larger grey, Ramshorn kind of shape.

I have had only the black snails for about 5 years. I look in my pot often as it normally lives right next to where I put my chair when I like to sit out in my garden in the summer. So, shockingly I do notice what is living in there! I look for the larve, mainly Mosquito I think, that appear around June and the flies and other insects that tend to hang around it at the end of the summer. If you sit quietly, on odd occasions, small birds will come and sit on the lip and fish for the larvae!

I’d love to get some other kinds of wildlife in there but for some reason its only larvae and snails for the most part. Now that I have some new oxygenating plants in there they will fill out the base and it will improve it somewhat. I could also do with looking for a trailing plant for it…. Now if only I knew someone I could get a cutting from.


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