So its the first day of spring…

Happy Vernal (spring) Equinox everyone!

Yes, from here on in the sun actually gets a wiggle on, stops just phoning its job in and we get some decent sunlight and just as you get the awesome news that the sun is getting its groove on, the moon gets all ‘Hell, no!’ and decides to plan an eclipse.

Yes, here in the UK today we have a near total eclipse of the sun. More info here.

Some people have been claiming this means the end of the world. I just see it as an excuse for the clouds to come in and stick two fingers up at us garden people. Damn you British climate! *Shakes fist*

Oh well…

(After a cup of tea you understand)


3 thoughts on “So its the first day of spring…

    1. It was a bit touch and go at the end, there. I thought the sun was going to go fully and then how would my flowers bloom?

      I think it was the tea and my British stiff upper lip that carried me through the stress of it all. I think I’ll take 5 mins to sit down in my garden… With a cup of tea, of course.

      Thank you for your kind comment. B-)

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