Gardening on the cheap.

One of the biggest things I don’t have is spare cash.

While I bet I could spend a LOT of money on my garden given half a chance its only a pipe dream at the moment, so I am forced to cut corners and get plants in the cheapest ways possible.

For Free (by fair means or foul)
This is my main method. But, before you say anything… No, I don’t mean stealing them!

I work during the summertime for a municipal council here in the UK and so I see a lot of plants get thrown out by members of the public, free for the taking. Most will be almost dead but some will be rescuable given a bit of time, care and know-how. Technically this is stealing as they should be taken and put in a refuse bin… But all things considered I really can’t see anyone complaining!

Also there is a lot of trading among the guys I work with. They all have gardens and many do trading of cuttings or plants that they are bored of but don’t want to see killed.
Also many bulbs are taken up from borders as they get crowded and many plants are split and replanted in the Autumn. Any extras are used for new plots to be planted. If they are not needed then handed out to the staff or given away.

Also park displays are taken up at April and September time and the majority are simply pulverised and turned into compost. Many, however are able to be kept and over summered or wintered, especially in the case of Geraniums and Polyanthus. So if you see a nice coloured plant, keep an eye out for it and maybe you will be able to grab it when they rip them out!
NOTE! Please DO NOT steal the plants! Only take them if they are pulling them out and they are otherwise going to be destroyed and ask permission first!

Either spring softwood or autumn hardwood, cuttings can be the easiest way to get more plants for nothing more than some compost and a bit of time!

When gathering cuttings always get permission first! Some people may get a tad angry at people taking a set of secateurs to their garden’s best!

Self seeds
The self seed is when you have formal planted displays the last thing you want is a rogue plant messing it up… Self seed plants have to go, but that doesn’t mean they have to be destroyed. Carefully dig them up and some of them could find their way into your garden!

Seed trading

On the web there are a few seed trading sites. If you have something to trade there is often someone that will trade with you for the cost of the postage!


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