Growing from seed.

Ok. So growing from seed is not a great success for me.

Every year so far I try it and my rate is ‘Barely acceptable’. most things I plant come up… But not very well. Seeds for me tend not to do so well but cuttings and rescue missions do much better.

This year I am doing Mesembryanthemum, Tagetes and Amaranthus. The Mezzies and Tagetes are growing both indoor and outdoor and the Amaranthus is indoor only. The propagators are unheated, but germination is not such an issue for me. Its the growing on that’s the problem.

All of these I have done in previous years with mild success. I get good germination and initial growth but then it all falls apart. the growth is not vigorous and tends to be quite weedy. When it’s put out in the garden after hardening off it takes ages to get going and is rarely a good show.

This year I hope to do better. I’ll be using my greenhouse and letting the roots grow to a decent amount before moving them. I’ll also not be re-potting but rather thinning any extra germinated seeds.

With luck, and superior Google-fu, this year will be better.

Hope springs eternal, no?


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