Cameras and how much I suck with them.

Ok… I’m not a photo guy.

I hate being in photos and I suck at taking them. My Flickr account really shows that!

I need to find out how to use a camera. I generally use my phone for taking quick pics. The wife has a good camera but my hands shake too much to use it without getting out the tripod and I don’t have the patience or forethought to use one.

Having said that… Either my pics have improved or phone cameras have evolved to be more moron friendly… I’m going to go with the latter here as its more plausible. So, with luck, one day I will be living in a world where I tell the camera what my intent is and it will do all the work for me. I suspect this is what some people call ‘The pipe dream’, such is life.

I wouldn’t mind finding a free online course on how to take half way descent pics with my phones camera. Is that too much to ask for in this digital/online world? I think not!

I have been told before to ‘Ask and ye shall receive!’ Well… I’m asking… When do I start receiving?


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