Hello world!

I can’t believe I made this in 2011 and never did anything with it. When I dug it back up all there was was the generic first post that WP makes for you. Just look at the date stamp on this!… For shame!

When I first made this blog I intended to talk about my garden and simply forgot about it or I had high expectations of my own abilities and ran into a wall. So now I’m going to do something with it.
It may be crap… But I will try. Nobody will read it anyway, so no worries there.

In time I’m hoping to add in my flickr account somehow… For now I’ll just put a link to it.

Hope that works.

Now for a bit about me and what this blog is going to be about.

I have been pissing about in my garden for years. Since I was a nipper I was sticking my hands in the dirt and screwing it up. Most of the time I would kill more than I would grow.
In time I got better and now I think I have got a fair grip on the basics. It only took me a couple of decades…. But I got here, and that’s the important bit.

This blog is going to be about the things going on in my garden and plants and ideas for the garden. Occasionally it will also be about my pond and maybe my houseplants thrown in as an aside.

Don’t be surprised if I also have a little garden envy from time to time!


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Well…it took a “few years” to find your site but happy I did so. If you haven’t already visited them I hope you will stop by and when you have a moment. Like reading about all your garden adventures big and small and enjoying the follow!

  2. I got news for you… It took 4 years for *me* to find it too! I really only started in Feb 2015! *Rolls eyes*

    I’ll take a look… But I’m not a sporty person at all. But the wife likes some sports so I will pass it on to her!

    Thanks! B-)

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